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Chicago Geopaths is a new program at the University of Illinois at Chicago that introduces geoscience as a potential undergraduate major and career to urban students. The program is led by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at UIC and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.  Program partners include Chicago Public Schools high schools – Lincoln Park High School, North-Grand High School, and Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, and two community colleges – Moraine Valley Community College and Prairie State College.

The Chicago Geopaths program is working to build relationships between regional high schools, community colleges, and UIC to strengthen the exposure that Chicago area students have to geoscience and the relevance of geoscience to their urban-world view. Our aim is to increase student interest in geoscience, encourage their selection of geoscience as a college major, and support their entry into the geoscience workforce.


For High School Students Heading link

Chicago area high school students can participate in Chicago Geopaths in multiple ways.  We currently offer a 2 credit hour dual-enrollment course (taken at UIC for college credit), entitled “Climate, Contamination, and Chicago.”  Additionally, students can work with faculty and peer mentors, who can assist them in exploring their geoscience interests, guide them through the college application process, and support their academic progress.

For Community College Students Heading link

Students at local community colleges can participate in Chicago Geopaths through our Guided Course Pathways and UIC’s Transfer Admission Guarantee program. As students become more interested in geoscience and attending UIC, they can follow the Guided Course Pathways so that they can work to complete their Associate and Baccalaureate degrees in a time-efficient manner.  Faculty and peer mentors will also be available to students to help them explore their geoscience interests, guide them through the college application process, and support their academic progress.

Mentor Blogs Heading link

Geopath mentor sam in a quarry with a rock hammer in hand

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